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Pattie Wagner started this conversation

I am a grandma of 5, I am 60 ..2 years ago I was doing great had a good job, no debt everything was good. the company I worked for merged and another large Company took us over and our Company started hiring new management to clean out those that had been there the longest, I had been there since the birth of the Company..even before the doors where open, I was let go on bogus policy they made up on the spot by a man that since has been fired for using company credit cards to buy beer and drinking with young girls on the job,I had to fight for my unemployment because if you are fired for policy you do not qualify , well I e-mailed the CEO and he did give me my severance pay and unemployment, so I went to work for a man that worked out of another State who worked in the same business I left only I could work from home and do billing for him and orders from the very same Company I left. Well myself the owner of 5 years that I worked for + a young man who was working with us from the Company I left where arrested by the Company I use to work for ( for supposedly dealing in stolen property).the man I went to work for was not doing anything against the law, at least that I know of, and everything he did was upfront to me and all his clients had contracts with him and he had the same clients for 5 years of his make a long story shorter...I was arrested and my attorney that I had to hire cost me 5000 dollars we where only told that we didnt want to put our lives in the jurors hands to just take a plea,we where never told what we did our discovery packages didn't show anything illegal but our attorneys told us it looked suspicious and that jurors where not that smart to understand the business and I had never been in trouble before I was scared so I pleaded out and now I have fines of 1200 dollars and I am on probation which I have to pay 23 dollars a month as well to the State, my record will be exsponged after my probation and I will not have a record, butI have had to sell any stocks I had and run up all my credit cards to pay a Attorney and I am behind in them now because  was out of a job and every time I go for a job my probation officer has to talk to my employer and it prevents my job search, I had to take drug test I have community service to do as well, I am so depressed over this and I don't know what to do any more,my dad was laying in bed dying at the time I was arrested , I know this sounds so unreal but I am telling you this is to real ..I sit here every night and try and find a way to just give credit card companies are not helping I have paid as much as I can and I have kept up with most of them because I found a part time job and I can keep them up some..but there is one that I used for my Attorney that keeps adding sooo many charges that in 1 month they have added 400 dollars, I can't pay that . If I could found some kind of help some where to help me consolidate all my bills or help pay them off ..I have a student loan that I will be paying for till I die I am sure of it. I have been paying on it since I was 29 and I am 60, because there where time I had to stop and then start again and the interest is killing me , I was a single widowed mom with 3 kids and worked at times 3 seems like no matter how hard I try it pushes me back.. don't get me wrong I am grateful for my kids and for what I have ..but I just need help right now and when I am on my feet again I can give back ..does anyone know anything  or anyone. I have never been in trouble with the police in whole life, I am so embarrast and ashamed this happened I can not wait for this year to be over.
Thank You P

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